Thursday, September 3, 2015

Obligatory Intro Post

Welcome. This is the obligatory first post for my blog.

This blog will mostly be focused on me putting into writing what happens in my weekly Dungeons and Dragons game. This coming Saturday I will be returning to DM'ing a game (Wizard's Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure) that my group took a hiatus from for a bit (due to a weary DM), so I will be posting a recap before then. I should then be updating every week we play thereafter. Eventually I will be taking a break from DM'ing again, but I will continue updating this blog with what's happening in that game.

Besides just D&D, I will updating with random other things I feel like sharing. A lot of this might be related to the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) in some way - usually Rapier combat. I will always sign these off as "Teo" for that is how I'm known in the SCA. I might also update with things going on in my life I need to get off my chest - blogs are free, therapy is not. I might also share things I find on the internet I'm excited about (usually video games or comic books, but I might also find things less nerdy).

I will of course welcome feedback throughout on anything I post. If you are a fellow DM that would like to give advice on the adventure, I would love it! Please just let me know you have some ideas, and I can contact you off list - my players will also be reading this blog (I hope), so I'd like them to be surprised.

So as Alice Cooper once said "Welcome to My Nightmare." Glad to have you!