Sunday, June 19, 2016

Is this a post about Rapier? Kinda

About seven or eight months ago I had been talking with a friend of mine at an event about me never getting the chance to be Rapier MiC (Marshal in Charge) at an event. She responded by saying she MiC'ed Sommer Draw in Bergental every year and was willing to share that role with me this year if I wanted to. I was more than willing.

So yesterday was Sommer Draw. It was a fun little event. I'm still on the IR list, so I drove up to marshal for the day. It was a good time and a gorgeous day - a little arm, but enough of a breeze to keep things mostly comfortable. In the morning was a round robin tournament with a double elim top 8. After that we had some melees. We switched up the teams a few times and swapped sides after every fight. The terrain would always give an advantage to one team over the other, so we wanted to make it fair and see how everyone handled the advantage or disadvantage.

After the melees, we played Fencing Foosball. This is a crazy game that started last year, and was continued out of necessity, I hope to play it next year. Check out the video below. There are 16 more videos just like it if you care to check them out. And after you watch these, I'll see you at Sommer Draw next year, because I know you'll want to play.

I was thanked by a lot of people yesterday for taking the whole day to marshal. I explained to them that I couldn't play because of my pains, but they were thankful anyways. Me showing up to marshal meant one more person could play every round and not need to sit out. I hadn't really thought about that before I went. Being a facilitator of fun is a very good thing, and was fun in it's own right. 

But damn, did I want to fence yesterday. The pain is still prevalent enough that I more than likely will not be fencing at Great Northeastern War next month(like, 98% sure I won't be, and not even planning on it). I'll offer my marshaling services up to the MiC though. A week after GNEW I have my second appointment with my rheumatologist, so hopefully not long after that I can start making this pain disappear. The Meloxicam I was prescribed has helped immensely, but has not made it disappear like we had hoped. Next steps will probably be really expensive cortisone injections, or really expensive physical therapy sessions.