Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - The Final Session! No? We have one more session? Damn it!

Last night was intended to be the last session of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. We were then due to start my wife's game next week - her first time DM-ing. Unfortunately, we had a couple of complex and overwhelming encounters, so we didn't get through everything. But that's OK! I had fun DM-ing for the first time in far too long.
So important things that happened in this session:

  • The Castle in the Clouds flew away when the party was about an hour outside of the city
  • A squadron of cultists was in the Village of Parnast hiding in the stable, waiting for the party to arrive
  • In the stable was a pair of Wyverns the party was able to use to fly to the Castle (which had traveled only about 10 miles in that hour) with the Banner of the Cult displayed
  • Borngray - the Wearer of Purple left at Castle naerytar - had pulled forces with him to the Flying Castle to prepare forthe party's arrival. he was killed mercilessly
  • Rezmir was killed, along with Lianna. Rezmir had been wearing the Black Dragon Mask during the encounter. Raiann ended up taking the Mask upon her death, with intentions of wearing it when she is able to attune herself to it

Borngray, from the Hoard of the Dragon Queen literature
Wyrmspeaker Rezmir the Black, from the Hoard of the Dragon Queen literature
 The whole group seemed to get along very well. The casters even prepared spells based on decisions the entire party made. Everyone was yelling out battle plans that made sense, and gave each other assistance. It isn't something his group typically does. It makes me very happy to see it.

My group read the things I posted about last time, and seemed to fix a lot of the problems that were going on. As pointed out by one member of my group, I probably should have talked with the group about these issues instead of airing my dirty laundry in public. Hey, you live and learn, right?

So next week hopefully we can finish things up. It is still up in the air whether we will come back to this adventure in the future ("Hoard of the Dragon Queen" leads directly into "The Rise of Tiamat"). I won't be upset either way. I always liked DM-ing because it fulfilled a need. We now have 2 DM's in the group, and two others who are willing to give it a shot. In a five person group, that's pretty damn good!

Until next time!


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