Tuesday, February 23, 2016

D&D, A Group of Career Adventurers - The First Session

"Wait, what? Didn't you guys just start a new campaign, John?"

Yes we did, Opening Sentence. Thanks for being there for me to address this. Tuns out my wife really doesn't like DMing, so Dave returned to DMing for us. He started a new campaign with all of us starting at 5th level.

The premise of the game is we are all career adventurers. We have been together for our five levels of adventuring. Our first session was a lot of constructing backstory of ourselves and the group, which was pretty cool.

I'm playing a Goliath Druid named Dedu Naturecaller Lankuletrilu (he goes by Naturecaller), and I took the Circle of Land path. That basically makes me more of a caster-Druid than a shifting-Druid. I rolled really nicely on my Ability Scores: Str 18, Dex 13, Con 18, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 7. For my 4th level improvement I added +2 to my Wisdom, giving me a 20. Physically strong, resilient, and powerful spells. Who needs Charisma (very unlike me, by the way - I love playing high-charisma characters)? He primarily casts mountain-based - spells that are earthen, winds, and cold spells. His primary role in the party is designed to buff/debuff. We were also able to start with 2 magic items, and I chose Pearl of Power (to get a free 3rd level spell slot every day) and a Weapon of Warning (I chose my sling since it just needs to be on your person to utilize. Advantage on Initiative checks, and any party members cannot be surprised so long as they are not magically asleep).

My background is the Uthgardt Tribe Member, but modified to just be "Tribe Member" since we're not playing in the Forgotten Realms. His story is that he was in training to be the tribe's next shaman, and had been one of the tribe's medicine men since he was young. At the age of 19, he found a near-death Tiefling near his tribe while out collecting herbs, and brought him back to his village to save his life. He was able to save the Tiefling who's name was Justice (more on Justice later). Not long after saving Justice, Naturecaller's village was attacked by an unknown force (the DM will be filling that in for me eventually), and he narrowly escaped only with Justice's help - returning the life debt. After getting out, Naturecaller swore vengeance on those that killed his family. Hearing all of Justice's stories over the days they had spoken, he felt adventuring with him would be a great way to do that. He would also be able to share his knowledge of the medicinal arts with the world.

We were asked to start with either a hireling or a pet of some kind. I decided to have a hireling - a dwarven female who has yet to be named -  which is actually a student learning my herbalism skills. She stays at our base of operations making potions and antitoxins to sell to the local town at reduced cost. We had liberated the town from a very large group of goblins that were terrorizing them, and in turn they asked us to buy the inn to use as our base of operations. Since we moved in, the town has started to bustle more and more, our renown drawing larger crowds and tradesmen.

On to other players/characters in the game, starting with Justice. Justice is a Tiefling Battlemaster Fighter. He spent some time as a soldier before becoming a mercenary. When Naturecaller found him on the mountainside, he had been injured severely and had convinced his mercenary crew to leave him behind so they might survive. Justice is a bit of a tactician, and also has a rather inflated ego.

Hope is an Aasimar Paladin from lands far away. She has no sense of personal space. Luckily, that usually means she's close enough to you to put her shield in front of danger. Naturecaller calls her "Light".

Ashe is a Wood Elf Rogue. She grew up a street urchin, but was able to get out and start a real life. Naturecaller refers to her as "Little Shadow" as he stands 3 feet taller than her, and she is rarely seen by the enemy. Because of the items and features she has, if Ashe hits an enemy with her bow, the minimum damage is 19. NINETEEN!!!!

There will be a fifth player, but he had car problems and was unable to make it. He should be playing with us next week. 

So when we started the game, we received a message asking us to come to the next town to aid them with a Gnoll problem. We chose to help them, so set out to find the Gnolls which was not difficult as they had been attacking over the course of a month and had made a game trail of sorts. A group tried to ambush us, but was unable to because of Naturecaller's Weapon of Warning (seriously, every group needs one). While we rested after the fight, a group of young men came across us. They all appeared to be farmers and not warriors, but were on the lookout to find the gnolls and try to stop them. it didn't take much convincing, and they turned and went back to town.

We stumbled upon a few hyenas, and Naturecaller explained the association between hyenas and gnolls, and also how gnolls bred, so we chose to dispatch the hyenas quickly. Not long after that, we found the caverns the Gnolls were working out of. They were roughly-hewn caverns that have been used and reused by several groups. We encountered a group of gnolls in one room, and were able to funnel them through the doorway one at a time to dispatch them fairly easily, if not quick. The next part of the caverns seem nicely polished and do not look like rough stone.

This was where we stopped. Polishing characters and crafting the backgrounds took a while, and it was getting late at this point. I am really feeling this character. He's a lot of fun, and super versatile. The cool thing about Druids is they can do just about anything a group needs - heal, buff, debuff, spell damage, melee damage (through shifting), tanking (through shifting), and Naturecaller has a high strength so he can even hit things with his sickle and take some damage if need-be. Should be fun, and now that our group has 5 players we're going to be playing as long as 4 players and the DM can make it. Which means almost every week.

See you all next time!