Thursday, January 7, 2016

D&D, A Journey through Talarine - The first session

We got to start this campaign earlier than any of us had planned. I didn't feel like going out to dinner on my birthday and wanted to play D&D instead, so that's what we did with our Saturday.
The arena started off fine. The Crew (Rook the Aarakokra [Birdfolk] Sorcerer, Ash the Wood Elf Rogue, and Kal the Halfling Ranger with his Badger Shengoo). Some important guy gave some long speech that Cap couldn't be bothered to pay attention to. Something about fighting for honor and glory? All I know is Cap wants to win the money and head back to his ship, bragging all the way back to his first mate. Oh, the speech is over. Back inside.

Inside the ready room the Crew socialized with the other contenders in the arena. Some weird girl was really intrigued with Rook's wings and his ability to fly. Cap wasn't paying attention and instead was chatting it up with a buddy of his from back home. The poor fool got really drunk and then entered the arena by himself. He wasn't expecting to survive.

So we entered the arena (the terrain appearing different than when we heard the speech) and at the other end was the weird girl, with a large man armored head-to-toe, and a little plant. The plant ended was a Twig Blight, the man turned out to be a set of Animated Armor, and the girl was actually a Doppleganger, using the information she gathered from Rook to turn into an Aarakokra.

The next fight was a large group of Bullywugs (anyone reading this blog will know them as frog people - the party fought athem a lot in HotDQ), a Dryad, and a Duergar (A sub-species of Dwarf from the Underdark [A large series of subterranean tunnels that extends under almost the entire world, in typical D&D worlds]). No surprises. We killed them fairly easily.

At this point Felicia (our DM) gave us an option. We could either play out a few more fights in the arena, or we could say we did them and enter the last fight she had planned in the arena. Everyone seemed to be on the same page; we wanted the experience, but we didn't want to expend all our great features; spell slots; and hit points. She offered to level us before we entered the last fight. So Cap took his 3rd level in Rogue to become a Swashbuckler. This added his Charisma modifier to his initiative, made it so any time he makes a melee attack the target of that attack can't make opportunity attacks on him, and also gave him the ability to use his Sneak Attack damage on his target if there was no other creature within 5 feet of him.

After leveling we entered the arena to find it smaller. There was also a black dragon wyrmling, and a blue dragon wyrmling waiting for us. When they were near death, they tried to fly away but got caught in the net over the top of the arena. They started crying, and it called an Adult Black Dragon from outside the arena, which freed them and then had a standoff with the Crew. At that moment, Davalos appeared and battled the dragon for 5 minutes before defeating it, turning it to ash. He then teleported us to the small city of Kara's Vale.

Davalos told some long story about dragons or something. I don't know, he was pretty self absorbed. He's not that powerful, right? It did take him FIVE MINUTES to beat a dragon! Oh, and now he wants us killing 7 of them and taking their keystones to return them to him at Mytix Waterfall? Oh, don't kill them. OK, what if we accidentally kill one of them? Hypothetically? Oh, the dragons offer Talarine the life energy to survive? So if we accidentally, hypothetically kill one it could tear Talarine apart. Bummer. The guy couldn't even promise that the mist around Talarine would be lifted if we did this.

At least he granted us another level up and gave each of us a magic item. Cap gained his 2nd level in Fighter. He didn't gain a whole lot from it, but it's one step closer to his 3rd fighter level which will grant him a lot. He was given a Dragon Slayer Short Sword, which seems like it will be deadly in the future. You know, in case we accidentally (hypothetically) kill a dragon.

Davalos then teleported us to the port city of West Edge, which is where he left the Leviathan. He found out from the harbormaster that the captain of the Leviathan set sail a few days ago. He demanded from the Crew that they had to go get his ship back, but no one was really okay with doing that. Cap knew where the ship would be, but they would not go unless he told them where that was, which he couldn't. He resolved to having a few drinks instead. His anger caused him to get roaring drunk after one drink.

The rest of the afternoon was a bit of a blur. Something about a monastery that could hold the keystone. Or Pyas Pass might have it. I don't know, I passed out. But regained consciousness long enough to walk back to the bar (the Sunken Treasure) and pass out.

The next day the started towards Pyas Pass, which would take four days to travel to. On the wya, Kal encountered a pair of Pegasus, but they flew away. Nothing else special happened.

Okay, so now a bit of reflection on the session. I wasn't too thrilled. I was really looking forward to this character, but he isn't meshing well with the party. Everyone else has a quiet loner type of personality. Cap has a "can't help but love him", boisterous rascal personality. He's used to taking charge and people listening to him. That wasn't working with this group. I was getting very frustrated with this. I got into a funk and ended up just not really participating. I'm hoping our next session goes a bit better. I'm preparing a bit for these personalities, and hoping things turn a bit. If not, he'll just end up being quiet for a while. Until he gets his ship and crew back.

Well guys, until next time!


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